Third-Party Libraries

antd is designed to provide high-quality React UI components which follow the Ant Design Specification. So, we are not going to implement other functions which are not relative to antd's target, and recommend using the excellent third-party library which have come from the React community:

CategoryRecommended Components
Visualization and chartsAntV Data Visualization 🔥 AntV Charting Library BizCharts recharts viser
Layout@rebass/grid react-blocks react-flexbox-grid
Drag and dropreact-beautiful-dnd react-dnd react-sortable-hoc
Code Editorreact-codemirror2 react-monaco-editor
Rich Text Editorreact-quill braft-editor
JSON Viewerreact-json-view
Color Pickerrc-color-picker react-color
Media Queryreact-responsive react-media
Copy to clipboardreact-copy-to-clipboard
Document head managerreact-helmet react-helmet-async
Iconsreact-fa react-icons
QR Codeqrcode.react
Visual Graph EditorGGEditor
Top Progress Barnprogress
Code highlightreact-syntax-highlighter
Markdown rendererreact-markdown
Infinite Scrollreact-virtualized antd-table-infinity
Mapreact-google-maps google-map-react react-amap
Videoreact-player video-react video.js
Context Menureact-contextmenu react-contexify
Split Viewreact-split-pane
Image Cropreact-image-crop
Trend Linesreact-sparklines
Keywords highlightreact-highlight-words
Animationreact-move Ant Motion react-spring

Products we are using ✨#

There are some products to recommend for developer/designer/product manager.

CategoryRecommended Products
Documentation🐦 Yuque
Sketch pluginKitchen
Online Playgroundcodesandbox codepen
Image Compressortinypng
Charts Dictionary图之典
Change LogInternationalization